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Some jokes land better than other. But stupid gay jokes can still be done well.

The zany wacky comedy, mixed with ridiculous voice acting, super detailed animation over a nice parody of sex ed shit.

Plus LOVELY, use of sound.

Dunno If the sex scene really enhances it's just kinda...I think speedo just wanted an excuse to draw porn like all that he does now.

Also the noise when the sperm enters the melon is...weird and a lil spoopy.

Also ear rape equals funni.

This is pretty funny because sums up old school ego raptor pretty well while having fun fluent animation similar to egoraptor's style.

Plus its shortness is nice since it means it doesn't overstay its welcome

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Insanely accurate remake and april fools joke.

love the mechanics and the idea of making such broken builds. yet the IDs don't do anything. i thought they should dsiguise you among the same type of enemy, or for a more puzzle like aspect and another possibility. Let you into insanely well guarded areas or locked areas with ease.
Also the ending kinda sucked. I liked the idea of it. But it isn't done well. Maybe if it shows the main character going through loops of universes, flashing in quick succession between pictures of them repeating the same thing over and over again.

adriendittrick responds:

yeah those IDs need work. Didnt have time.

Very well made game, smart that you only need 2 fingers. Good lewd fun, simple gameplay, fun choices and sexy scenes with great art! Really good, but that music is kinda meh. Not amazing and a pretty short loop of like 2 different instruments so it gets annoying quick. Plus the soundeffects are pretty good.

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reminds me of glorious morning https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/91476 because of this very emotional main beat plus good drums and progression. loud but it works

A catchy , little up beat song with song fittinh instruments together making me want wanna dance. All the parts work and aren't all too long. The ending was not great though.

Why did you censor the word nigger in the lyrics though obviously said in the song. But samey kinda rap beat but i feel like the voice has a bit of power in it. Some pretty good lyrics. It relies on the chorus a lot for a rap song though. Some effects on the voices too!

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This is a very good example of your style. But you should find a way to draw art with less thick lines. As you seem to not be Ble to see much detail because of it. Like th ed fingers. Maybe try shading too.draw on paper then scan it with a scanner? Some printers can also scan as well. Just find out a way to use less thick lines. It works in some areas. But use a mix of colors, and thicknesses.

Plus I can see tiny ish circles. Which seem out of place.

Bryson317 responds:

I do agreed with your response I'll try to see if I can

Just the facial expressions alone are adorable. Tbe animation is very smooth. A very minor complaint but the feet look pretty small compared to the thighs on the ampharos.

I like it! Very well shaded and good colors! Could maybe use better facial expressions.

Triple-Stabber responds:

Yeye, facial expressions I'll probably work on in a later date. Now I just wanna get facial structure and shading correctly first

A guy who is critical of things with reviews. I dunno maybe one day I'll upload actual art or animation. For now I'll have fun. also the header is from here https://wallpapersafari.com/w/geoEUc

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